Who Is Emil Lamprecht | An About Page

Who Is Emil Lamprecht | An About Page

Firstly, you don't have to read this. I'm just another random person with a bunch of opinions trying to write content that is somehow objectively helpful or interesting but really just boils down to what I happen to have learned through the ups and downs of my weird life, and whether or not that means I know more about any particular thing than you.

Good intro, right?

Don't sweat it, you can think I'm a nobody, I would appreciate that actually, but if you'd like to think I'm somebody, here is some stuff about me you likely wont have found anywhere else on the internet:

What I Do

I build businesses from the ground up. I designed and implemented new education models for vocational training and entrepreneurship; including over 50 startup accelerators in 34 countries.

I am not a consultant, but I do opt to help 2-3 orgs a year as pro-bono for social impact causes or for hire if I believe the problem really needs solving. Please don't solicit me with agency services; I only respond to help and research inquiries.

Most of my work now revolves around building the companies in our bootstrapped portfolio, supporting research in women's health and insights into complex social behaviors.

I have a mixed marketer and product designer history, but am a prolific user researcher and impact advocate. All about solving real human problems through business.